Monday, 22 February 2016

Frameworks and Languages of Software Development You Should Learn This Year

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Last year, many changes occurred in the software development arena, whereby new programming languages, tools and new versions of frameworks were introduced.

Here’s a top level overview of the most important framework and languages you should learn in 2016;
  1.  PHP 7 - This latest version fixes many issues and provides enhanced speed and newer features. This version is faster than PHP 5.6, and will therefore have a large influence on the CMS systems and codebases, such as Drupal and WordPress.
  2. JavaScript - You can see updates in ES2015 standard form, (also known as ES6). This provides many new additions and features to the language. As new browsers adopt instant release schedules, ES2015 is providing great support.
  3. Node .js - In 2016 you will find many new changes in Node .js as the community is dividing into io .js and Node .js .As a result, you can have well-maintained projects with two versions of Node, and many contributors, which will provide reliability and stability for large enterprises and long term projects.
  4. TypeScript - This statically typed language complies with JavaScript. Developed by Microsoft, this language has perfect source VISUAL Studio Code editors and integration with Visual Studio. It has gained recognition due to Angular 2 being written in it.
If you are looking for a more interesting language then you can give a try to Clojure or Haskell. Other high performing interesting languages are Elixir and Rust, which are new to the web development field.

This article is just to give you a flavor of what’s out there – now it’s up to you to do more in depth research!

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Wednesday, 17 February 2016

What New Trends will Capture Digital Marketing 2016?

2016 is finally here and now it’s high time to see what is going to happen this year in the digital marketing world! As the New Year is still in its infancy, here are some predictions based on the results of 2015.

  • Video Marketing
Video marketing went from strength to strength in 2015 and proved to be an incredibly effective marketing strategy. This year will be no different, mostly thanks to social networking websites, specifically Facebook and You Tube. However, there will be a new addition to the fold, as Google prepares to launch an in-SERP video advertising service. This allows you to see videos within your search results, rather than having to click on the Videos tab.

  • Advent of Virtual Reality
Within the next few months, three virtual reality devices are scheduled for launch. They all have their own USPs – some are designed for particular applications like video games, whereas others are for general use like Oculus Rift, the highly awaited virtual authenticity head-mounted display, which is anticipated to be available by June. This device opens up a new way of online advertising, as it will connect people via direct messaging, social media platforms and video channels.

  • Content
Content - Again! Content marketing is usually near the top of the list in any digital marketing strategy, and this will continue way into the future. Relevant, unique, informative and engaging content will always be required to grow your audience. Tell your story via blogs, social media and website content.

  • Mobile Optimization 
There are still an abundance of websites that are not mobile friendly. This can now easily be seen in search results, as each result will have the words “mobile friendly” next to the URL. Mobile optimisation is the process of allowing people to browse websites without having to pinch and swipe, in order to read what is written. It also helps to view products more clearly. In addition, the menu structure changes on a mobile optimised site, meaning that the menu drop downs are easier to use and navigate. Therefore this year, increased emphasis will be given to making websites responsive across all devices.

  • Wearable Technology
Wearable technology is something that online marketers are preparing to focus on in upcoming marketing campaigns. Exactly how they can do this is still something to debate, but certainly something no-one can ignore. Sales of devices such as Android and Apple Watches are on the rise, and at some point, marketers are going to have to figure out how best to reach out to this new market.

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Why B2B marketers should focus on Mobile

Have you ever wondered how you can optimize your B2B website for a mobile search? As of 2014, usage of mobile devices has grown to the extent that there are more searches on mobile devices than desktop. This isn’t likely to change any time soon.

For a successful marketing strategy, mobile marketing can’t be ignored – in fact, it should be prioritised. If you are a B2B marketer, you should know what impact it can have on your business.

  •  Change in Marketing Methods
Marketing methods have changed immensely over the last decade through new technologies. As part of these advancements, the role of Mobile in B2B Marketing has developed from a primitive, SMS–based operation to a multi-gadget operation that is helping businesses to draw in new audiences.

  • Mobile marketing is an extension
Mobile Marketing is an expansion of the overall Online Marketing process, and the same standards of Online Marketing apply to Mobile in a B2B domain, with regards to the time element.

  • Content
Content is a key weapon in the B2B promotion armoury, conveying the most appropriate content for a targeted audience. Seeing how B2B clients identify with their devices, and working in a multi-screen environment, is the initial step in content creation for Mobile Marketing. While it is important to recognize the operational capabilities of Mobile gadgets and how they are utilized by the B2B audience, it is also important that you don't regard Mobile Marketing as a different element to the general B2B Marketing process. Rather, when you begin making your content, make certain to represent the numerous screens this content will reach.

Mobile marketing provides an added dimension to businesses, allowing you to reach customers wherever, and whenever. If you are looking for an effective digital marketing strategy, contact Five Rivers. We offer services such as video marketing, copywriting and mobile marketing that helps your business reach out to new customers.